David Clark

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My Family

My wife Juliette and I are the proud parents to our young son Russell. He brings so much joy into our lives. Being a father is more challenging and rewarding than I ever imagined and we hope to have many more children.

Together with my family, we love to bike, bowl, and bake. I enjoy tinkering with everyday tools and making extravagant things that I can’t afford. I feel that using my knowledge gained in school and through various experiences within the world of technology has blessed our lives. We have fun together.

My wife and I both have large extended families and it has become a new passion of mine to teach them how cool it is to be a tech nerd. If I hear someone mention that they have some sort of technological complaint, whether it be their computer is running slowly or they can’t find a file, my ears perk up. It not only benefits them but it is fun for me to help. I have loved to teach the younger generation how immense the world of technology is. It is so fun to teach them about all the possibilities for them to enhance their technological capabilities. I like that I am the fun uncle that can show them how to use a computer and school them in Super Smash Bros.

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