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I really like Super Smash Bros. Melee and have played it competitively since 2014. There is so much depth found in the games movement, and is very rewarding to play. One issue that exists however is that there is adescrepancy in controllers with some leading to be better than others. The details of these descrepancies are found in this article here. I used this guide to install it into my controller.

Gc With shell Gc no Shell


My plan for V2 is rectify some of the issues that I did not like about directly installing it into my controller. Sometimes i have lots of people comeover to play games and use my controller and while there is code in place to turn off the hardware mod not everyone that uses my controller knows that. Basically I do not like how invasive the mod is to the controlelr. Basically for v2 I want to make a junciton box so that I don't need to install the arduino directly into my controller so it's easier to fix issues and reprogram if need be.

Source code can be found here