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For my brother in law's gradschool project he needed to choreograph a dance with some kind of innovation that he game up with. His initial idea was to create tap shoes that make different sounds when tapped so that you could create more sounds than just the tapping. I agreed to help him come up with a design. We used some ESP32 boards due to thier bluetooth functionality, cost, and ease of use with being able to program them with arduino, and used some fsrs as the buttons. The ESP32 boards emulated keyboards and we used soundplant as a keyboard sound board. Each system had 2 fsrs and that each sent two signals for two keys (so four keys per system) for a hard press and a soft press. We made four of these systems. While the initial design was to put the fsrs in the shoes we ended up just having the dancers hold them and tap the fsrs to input the different letters to the sound board on the computer that hosted all of the devices.

breakout programming prototype

Source code can be found here